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The Project – Phase Two

In 2007 the second phase of the project was completed and on October 17th 2007 all the buildings were blessed by Bishop Moses and there were great celebrations and a gathering of priests from the diocese.

Now there was sufficient accommodation for at least 60 old people, several widows with their children as well as orphans. This number has risen over the past three years and Balamma Satram at Holy Family has been home to some 300 people whom we call our guests.

In 2010 a small hospital unit was built and opened in January. This opening was attended by James and Sharron Barr with their family, along with Laura Sullivan and Mary. Mary travels to the home twice in a year to give an update to the society. Fr. Sarveswara has come to England each year since 2003.

Balamma Satram is providing shelter, food, clean filtered drinking water, hot water for washing, clothing, medical aid to everyone on the campus as well as educating the children. When someone dies there is always someone else to take their place.

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