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We are a group of people who have formed a society to help the displaced and marginalised in one of the poorest areas in India. We are working together with our friends and colleagues in India to give dignity, stability and security to the destitute people who are known as our guests at the Home for the Needy in Balamma Satram.

In England we concentrate mainly on fundraising (please see our events and fundraising page)- in India, Fr. Sarveswara and his team are working on the ground, feeding, clothing and medicating to the people.

In the Coventry area of the U.K. Mary is the main Co-Ordinator and link between the two countries. Mary has a group of people whom she can call on to help with the secretarial work here and Sharron is the banker for the society. There are several members who year after year are part of the fundraising efforts and there are others who support the sponsorship.

Fr. Jeff looks after the North East and provides support for Mary. Fr. Jeff is heavily involved in sponsorship and also creates links with his co-priests of his diocese. There is a group of people with Fr. Jeff who are also involved in the sponsorship programme and another group who work towards fundraising for the project as a whole.


The objectives of our work are to give shelter, clean drinking water, clothing, food, medical aid and help with child education.


Our achievements have been to establish a secure home for the destitute old people who have not been able to look after themselves or who have been abandoned by their families.

We have cared for widows and given them work in the Holy Family home for the Needy.

We have created a sponsorship program for 30 children ranging from primary education to university level and given basic education to others in the area.


The successful running and the maintenance of the home is our future aim and to maximize the work already started. In India as the rich get richer and the poor are becoming poorer so our future work will be to house as many displaced aged people and orphaned children as is possible with the funds which become available.

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