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Just a small donation can make a big difference...

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Join the Cause and Add Your Contribution

Children in England do not appreciate what they have. Before visiting India both of us expected so much from our parents, however when you see children without clothing, without food and not a toy to play with it makes you think twice about what you ask for here at home.

Alex & Jake

In Person

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informatively Account Number: 72060417

Account Name: Balamma Satram at Holy Family

In Person / Cheque

Payee Name: Balamma Satram at Holy Family

Address: 6 Fivefield Road, Coventry, CV7 8JE

By Payroll

Set up a tax free donation from your salary. Click here for our Gift Aid form.


Donating £10.00 per month could pay for a Child’s living expenses.

Donating £20.00 per month could pay for a Child’s living expenses and send the child to Primary School.

Donating £30.00 per month will see a Child through Secondary School.

Donating £20.00 per month will take an elderly person off the streets and give them shelter, food and clothing.

With £25.00 per month that same old person can receive medical assistance as well as the above.


Donate £5.00 and buy a mattress

Donate £3.00 and buy a mosquito net ( So many Elderly People and Children die from Malaria each year)

Donate £8.00 and provide someone with clothing and slippers

Donate £1000.00 and build a home for a destitute family

Donate £400.00 and provide sanitation for a family


Every penny of your money will go to the poor and the needy. This part of the world, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh in India is never highlighted through the media and unless seen no one can imagine the day to day suffering of the poorest people living in this area. In 2008, two young boys aged 12 went to witness the plight of the children struggling for survival. The conditions that they met made them want to do something to help. Since 2008 they have been back a second time and hope to go again in 2012. The plight of seeing the pathetic conditions encouraged them to save their pocket money, Birthdays and Christmas money to pay their own air fare. Other money that they received was given to help those in need.

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