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Case Studies – Children

Some of the children are the sons and daughters of the widows that are helping us. We also have children from the poorest backgrounds and we also have orphans. Each child is given accommodation, bed with mosquito net and three good meals each day. They too have constant access to filtered drinking water. They receive clothing medical care and education. During the holiday time all the children are at Balamma Satram but during the school term the older school-aged children attend school and are housed in the boarding buildings of each school. All this is paid for. Education in India is not free and so we are trying to encourage sponsorship from our English friends.


In 2005 during the early days of Balamma Satram two shepherd boys came into the campus from the hills. These boys were orphans and were looking after the sheep in the hills for their livelihood. They were asked by Fr. Jeff and Mary if they would like to go to school, both boys replied that it was impossible as there was no way they could find money for schooling. Fr. Jeff offered to help them and one of the boys Sreekhant who was twelve years old took up the offer. Since 2005 Fr. Jeff has sponsored this boy; in return, Sreekhant has worked so hard that in six years he can speak fluent English and has passed all his exams at our G.C.S.E. level. He is now studying medical sciences at Lloyola College in Vijayawada. He hopes one day to become a doctor.


Joseph Paul Chinna

This little boy is approximately two years old. His father knew he himself was dying, he had aids and he was trying to sell the little boy in the town. Fr. Sarveswara was notified and was asked to take both father and child into Balamma Satram. Once they arrived they were both screened for H.I.V. ;the father was found to be positive but the child was clean. Within two weeks the father had died and now the child whom Mary named Joseph Paul is living permanently in Balamma Satram.



Mounika is a child known to us for the last ten years. it was very obvious from the outset that given the opportunity she would do well at school. With the help from one of our first sponsors in 2005 Mounika went to school and is now studying Engineering and Science at the Lloyola College.




There are so many children in need of sponsors to pay for their personal needs and their education.

You can share the role of sponsorship with a friend or we can suggest to you a child that is in need of help. Please come forward with your offer – view our Sponsorship page for more details on how you can help.

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