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Events – 2011

Events from 2011 included:


An excellent evening of family entertainment. £1500 of donations was raised.

Holy Family Sponsored Walk – An Annual Event

Once again this was a great success. From Holy Family Parish we have the same dedicated group of people between the ages of 5 years and 79 years who take part in this walk each year.

We also appreciate those who ask for donations and collect the sponsor money. The amount raised was over £2000.

Lenten Giving from The West Derwentside Catholic Partnership

A great achievement from our friends in the North East. They raised £2000 for Beds, clothing, toiletries, food, school bags and books and medical aid for our children in need.

Results and Success- Minesh Panchal walks the Great Wall of China to help Indian Charity

“I have seen Mary Skaag put so much effort into helping the poorest in South India. I have seen her do so much good work, providing the support and aid to who really need it and simply giving those less fortunate the right to some satisfactory standard of living. I truly believe the work Mary has done over the years has been absolutely astonishing.

So the aim was for me to raise as much for the Home For The Needy to help this charity continue to do such good work.

So over a week in April 2011, I trekked 60 kilometres of The Great Wall of China and raised in excess of £2,200 of which over £1,200 was given to the Home For The Needy. A tough trek which compromised of very steep sections and walking for several hours a day for five days. With such a hugely wealthy country I expected to see wealth in its society too. However, this is not the case, as there were a huge number of underprivileged people who just as equally need help, showing us the importance of having these charities to aid such causes.

An experience I will never forget, not only due to the experience of the wall itself but also due to the sheer diversity China had to offer.” – Minesh Panchal

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